Jun. 17, 2019

HARRISBURG – For the second session in a row, the House today passed legislation authored by Rep. Eric Nelson (R-Hempfield) to require quarterly reports of special government fund accounts.

“Last legislative session, I joined a group of like-minded colleagues in pouring over every state line item,” Nelson said. “We discovered hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars were lying dormant in special government accounts. Some of this money had been sitting in the accounts for years. By improving transparency about these funds, a better picture of the state’s finances will emerge, and we will know money is being spent as intended. I’m hopeful the Senate will take up this legislation quickly.”

House Bill 921 would require each state agency to prepare quarterly reports on funding committed for grants and subsidies from each special fund not already in the Commonwealth’s accounting system. In addition to providing this information to members of the General Assembly and the Independent Fiscal Office, the data also would be posted on PennWATCH, the state’s publicly accessible spending database.

The bill now goes to the Senate for its consideration.

The 57th Legislative District includes the following Westmoreland County communities: the city of Greensburg; the townships of Hempfield (part) and Salem; and the boroughs of Delmont, Hunker, New Stanton, South Greensburg, Southwest Greensburg and Youngwood.

Representative Eric Nelson
57th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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